Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Proposal for funds

The Administrative Working Group put together this document that can be taken to the Art Ed Dept. to request funding for our project.  We are waiting on John & Drea's feedback before passing it up the food chain.
You can see our proposal here:  Proposal

Documentation Group (Week 1)

Things have just gotten started this week, so we're still in the planning stages for our whole group project. Thus far, the Documentation Group has put together an outline for our plans to document our project development and the art making workshop. The workshop we planned will involve MFA students at SAIC and high school age students. Below I've included our outline, which is divided into two areas: ongoing documentation and project documentation.

I. Ongoing Documentation
A. Group Blog
1. We will use the Blogger site to allow each group member to post new information about the development of the project.
2. The documentation blog will include:
a) logistical updates about dates, times, & locations
b) personal input about the process & what directions the project takes through the course of development
c) names, portraits, & digital images of artwork for the participating MFA students (this may require a consent form for use of students pictures & artwork)
d) background information about the public schools attended by the students
e) the art making project students will be taking part in--medium, materials, process, & inspiration from artwork in the AIC collection
3. Perhaps students would be allowed to blog about the days events or comment on the posts following the workshop
            B. Group Website
                     1. We will use the Digication site.
2. The website will include:
a) student profiles
b) student artwork
c) documentation of the day
d) links to the blog & videos
3. It could function as an online exhibition space

II. Project Documentation
A.   Digital images will be used for the blog, website & video presentation.
1. All group members can contribute to this form of documentation.
           2. The images will include:
a) MFA student artwork (with consent forms)
b) AIC artwork for student project inspiration
c) student's visit to the MFA studios
d) completed student work from the art making project
B. Digital video will capture the day of the project workshop & will include digital images & informative text.
1. Video will be edited in iMovie & linked to the website
2. It will speak to multiple audiences--teens, grad school students, administration/board members.
                      3. The video will capture:
a) MFA students & public school students interaction
b) the art instruction process
                                    c) student art making process for the project workshop

posted by Nick Franco