Friday, March 30, 2012

What we need to know for the Innovations project ASAP

When can we meet with the assistant principal? she said after 1:30 Thursday 4/5. Can we go ahead and reserve that time? does anyone object to that? It is during class time so we could all attend. How about 3pm on Thursday? we could have a couple hours to discuss planning and then walk over to the school to discuss with Ms. Fleming.
Ricki have you emailed her yet? if not we should add this in and if you have let's email her again asking for the time. I will gladly send her a short email reserving the time. We will discuss observations with her at that time also.
Also we need to reserve those times and dates for the program Drea mentioned with Ms. Fleming when we meet so we have it set.

Where: what rooms will we use? we need to reserve the rooms for the dates and see if we can use the computer lab on the 9th floor.

Art Materials: do we have a budget for this? Can we use what SAIC has already? What are the decided mediums to work with? what will we need?
we also need to find out where we get the sketchbooks from and if we need to pay for these or SAIC will provide them for us.

If anyone else notices something missing that we need to decide ASAP to get this project moving add it to the blog. I hope this helps and we can answer these questions by next week so we can get the ball rolling on this project!

Thanks all!

Heather D'Andrea

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Notes and Letter to Innovations

Hey All - Here are the notes I took during today's class (March, 29) and the letter I wrote for MF when we visit her at Innovations.



20-30 students total / 3-5 students per 2 of us
same students 2 wks in a row?
meetings at Innovations - anyone want to set up dates/times for these?
art making with students (photo, painting, digital, etc.)
what areas are the students interested in?

day one: [12:30-3:30]

12:30-2 > museum visit
     12:30 intro and split into small groups
     2:00 meet at visitor center and walk to classroom
2:15-3 > sketching and writing time
3-3:30 > discussion in small groups

day two: [12:30-3:30]

12:30-1:30 > break into groups (same groups if the students are returning)
**facilitators take groups to artwork in AIC - what inspires you and what kind of art do you create?
1:45-3 > break into groups according to art making interests and create
3-3:30 > share and discuss artwork/experiences

MEETING WITH MF: [things to think about]

- this group of students would be compromised of 20-30 students in total breaking into smaller groups that would be compromised of 3-5 students per 2 MAAE/MFA students

- we would like to have the same group of students two weeks in a row so that we are able to have cohesive and progressive learning experiences with innovations students

- commitment to youth and to their education, why would we choose Innovations?

- resources, AIC and educators/artists who are qualified, spaces, art supplies, skills

- contribute something of themselves to the artwork in AIC, how do various resources inspire your own creativity?

- art activities that would delve deeper into exploration of materials and other artists' work

- having a dialogue with MAAE/MFA students would allow students an environment that would not be teaching to the students but an group exploration of AIC artwork, what we are all interested in (in regards to media and representation), and how we can use those experiences to create individual artworks

- censorship? what are the school's rules and how can we adapt those rules to our ideas of censorship


Please print if you plan on attending the meeting/visit to Innovations to be sure that we have one to give to MF. (for some reason I can't add a file on here so I had to copy and paste)

Dear Ms. Flemming,

    The School of the Art Institute’s Museum as Critical Curriculum class is writing to you to express our interest in working with the students at Innovations High School. Our class is compromised of Masters degree candidates in both the Art Education program and the Fine Arts program. Although we all have experience in different educational environments and art media, we all share the passion of reaching students in a profound way.
    Our interest in Innovations reaches beyond our instructor’s connections. We have examined the school’s website and find that the students are genuinely interested in learning and reaching past what is expected of them in order to experience subject matter on a deeper level. We are also extremely excited to see that Innovations takes a holistic approach to learning by incorporating the arts into general education courses. We believe that this is an important and rewarding learning experience for students of all ages and grade levels.
    By participating in this two week event students will, not only be able to experience The Art Institute of Chicago but, have a dialogue with MAAE and MFA students. This would allow your students to be part of a learning experience that would focus on group exploration of artwork and art media, inspiration, and art making activities. Rather than teaching to the students we would like to be involved conversations and learning experiences with the students so that we may learn from each other.
    The primary goal of our working with Innovations students would be to expose these students to a wide variety of artwork within The Art Institute of Chicago, discuss how one can be inspired by outside resources, and create individual or group artworks based on what students have experienced in the museum. Each event will end in a discussion within small groups so that students are able to, not only take away a finished piece of their own artwork, but be proud of what they have made and share a piece of their life experiences with their peers and educators.
    We hope that Innovations will move forward with us in this exciting project so that we may all share a significant learning experience within the arts. Our class looks forward to discussing ways in which we can create an innovative event and build a lasting relationship with Innovations High School.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Museum as Critical Curriculum Class
Spring 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

documentation of last weeks program

Last week's writing workshop went really well, and gave us some great insight into the future of our program.
The program started off with introductions in the modern wing followed by entrance into the museum. this wasn't incredibly smooth because we had to get them in with our IDs, and that was a bit difficult. Maybe we can think of ways to streamline this process by approaching the museum first or getting the students passes somehow. We can discuss this in class. It seems to be a bad first impression, and we want them to feel comfortable there.
We walked around the museum galleries and took notes and discussed the art with some students. In my experience this was a great part of the program, and something to consider for our program. the conversations were really amazing, and including dialogue in our gallery teaching could be really great.
After the gallery we met in a space to hold the writing workshop. it started with notes and thoughts followed by poetry writing and finally reading. There was a bit of a problem with the space and security, again bad impression on the museums part.
All in all it was a great experience for us and it seemed to be great for the writers as well.
one idea is creating art from the poetry, which could be amazing
art forms that they found interesting: painting and sculpture
if anyone else got any suggestions from the teens please post them here! Also if there were any particular art works that seemed to stick out that would be great as well. And if anyone has pictures since consent forms were taken care of that would be amazing as well!


Heather D'Andrea

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This is the first draft of a proposal that the Pedagogy Working group would like to take to the LTAB workshop next week. 
You can view it by clicking here. LTAB Proposal