Friday, March 30, 2012

What we need to know for the Innovations project ASAP

When can we meet with the assistant principal? she said after 1:30 Thursday 4/5. Can we go ahead and reserve that time? does anyone object to that? It is during class time so we could all attend. How about 3pm on Thursday? we could have a couple hours to discuss planning and then walk over to the school to discuss with Ms. Fleming.
Ricki have you emailed her yet? if not we should add this in and if you have let's email her again asking for the time. I will gladly send her a short email reserving the time. We will discuss observations with her at that time also.
Also we need to reserve those times and dates for the program Drea mentioned with Ms. Fleming when we meet so we have it set.

Where: what rooms will we use? we need to reserve the rooms for the dates and see if we can use the computer lab on the 9th floor.

Art Materials: do we have a budget for this? Can we use what SAIC has already? What are the decided mediums to work with? what will we need?
we also need to find out where we get the sketchbooks from and if we need to pay for these or SAIC will provide them for us.

If anyone else notices something missing that we need to decide ASAP to get this project moving add it to the blog. I hope this helps and we can answer these questions by next week so we can get the ball rolling on this project!

Thanks all!

Heather D'Andrea

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